JSON-B 1.0

JSON-P provides the lower JSON node operations, JSON Binding API provides advanced operations on serialization of Java objects to JSON string and deserialization of JSON string to Java objects.


An example to serilize a Java object to JSON string.

Person duke = new Person("Duke", LocalDate.of(1995, 5, 23));
                new PhoneNumber(HOME, "100000"),
                new PhoneNumber(OFFICE, "200000")

Jsonb jsonMapper = JsonbBuilder.create();
String json = jsonMapper.toJson(duke);

LOG.log(Level.INFO, "converted json result: {0}", json);

JsonPath allow you read the values of JSON nodes.

String name = JsonPath.parse(json).read("$.name");
assertEquals("Duke", name);

JsonPath.using() method accepts cusotm configuration APIs to configure the json provider, eg. using Gson instead of the default json provider.

Configuration config = Configuration.defaultConfiguration()
        .jsonProvider(new GsonJsonProvider())
        .mappingProvider(new GsonMappingProvider());
TypeRef<List<String>> typeRef = new TypeRef<List<String>>() {

List<String> numbers = JsonPath.using(config).parse(json).read("$.phoneNumbers[*].number", typeRef);

assertEquals(Arrays.asList("100000", "200000"), numbers);


Read the json string and map to an object directly.

Jsonb jsonMapper = JsonbBuilder.create();

Person person = jsonMapper.fromJson(JsonbTest.class.getResourceAsStream("/person.json"), Person.class);

assertEquals("Duke", person.getName());

Type type = new ArrayList<Person>() {}

List<Person> persons = jsonMapper.fromJson(JsonbTest.class.getResourceAsStream("/persons.json"), type);

assertTrue(persons.size() == 2);

JSON-B annotations

JSON-B provides a series of annotations to adjust the serialization and deserialization for an object, including @JsonbProperty, @JsonbPropertyOrder, @JsonbTransient etc.

private String name;

Grab the source codes from my github account, and have a try.

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